DFP Certification

Certification Program Overview

The Publisher certification program allows users to demonstrate their knowledge of Google Doubleclick for Publisher products by passing an online exam hosted on Publisher University (Premium). DFP Training offers multiple prep exams to guide you into the world of DoubleClick products.

Then, when you are confident, a user may take an exam and if they pass will receive a web site badge and printable “Certificate of Completion”, which they can share with their team.

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Training Exams

DoubleClick for Publishers Level 101

Course: This training course covers content that new users need to start learning DFP. This includes:

  • inventory
  • trafficking
  • creatives
  • reporting
  • forecasting
  • troubleshooting

Practice Exam: Users are given online, interactive training exam to gauge their level of expertise.

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What do I get when I pass the exam?

If you successfully pass the test exam, you will be emailed a certificate of completion that includes your name and date. Print a copy of the certificate for your records and share it with your team.  In addition, a web badge is provided for your site or business.

Does a certificate expire?

No, unlike others – the DFP.Training certificate does not expire and there are no renewal fees.

What are the requirements to pass and receive a certificate?

Users must have an active account with DFP.Training to obtain a certificate.

  • Achieve a score of 80% or better on an exam.