Get the most value for every impression on every screen. DoubleClick for Publishers offers support for mobile, native and video ads, along with programmatic access to a wide range of advertisers.

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With an integrated platform to manage all your direct and programmatic sales, you can streamline all your ad sales across your web and app inventory.  Get certification for DFP and continue your digital marketing education.

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Deliver compelling advertising on every screen

Power ad experiences that are more engaging and seamless for users everywhere with out-of-the-box support for mobile, video, and native advertising.

Connect with advertisers in better ways

Execute your reservations with our integrated Programmatic Direct technologies, and get discovered by millions of advertisers on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Get the highest value for every impression

DoubleClick’s forecasting tools ensure you’ll never overbook or undersell your ad inventory. Employ Google’s industry-leading machine learning technology, with features like Dynamic Allocation and optimized pricing in open auction, to make sure you’re getting the highest prices for your ad inventory.